Polk LSiM704c

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The Smaller LSiM Center Channel Speaker

The All-Star Center

Tired of turning your system up to hear the dialog and down because the effects are too loud? Then put your money in a high performance center channel speaker like the LSiM704c. Big enough to stand up to the power of the floorstanding LSiM705 or the LSiM703 bookshelf loudspeaker, you can use this center channel speaker to perfectly match the size and performance you’re looking for. The LSiM704c has all the earmarks of a great center: crystalline detail, fast natural midrange and impactful bass. With its dynamic sonic engine, twin 5 1/4-inch woofers and a dual PowerPort® venting system, the LSiM704c will reveal the whisper, the shout and the thump-thump of the helicopter flying over.

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The Smaller LSiM Center Channel Speaker

The All Star Center

Capable of making quite an impact in your home theater system. It produces the kind of wide, deep soundstage and life-sized imaging that puts you in the middle of the action on your TV’s screen.

PowerPort® technology

Designed exclusively by Polk, this specially shaped “cone” at the mouth of the bass port directs moving air to eliminate bass-stealing turbulence. No turbulence means no wasted power, which means more efficient bass response.

High-quality tweeter performance

The ring radiator tweeter features several improvements from the version in the earlier LSi line. A slight reshaping of the tweeter’s bullet-shaped phase plug allows it to move even farther out of the baffle, while a redesigned diaphragm has made the tweeter even more efficient.

Advanced driver material

The original LSi speakers featured a light, stiff mineral-filled polypropylene cone that was “puffed up” with injected air to form a honeycomb-like structure. The new super cell aerated polypropylene uses larger “puffed cells” to create a cone material that’s thicker yet lighter than the original.


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  • Total Pieces


  • Cabinet Warranty
    5 years
  • Drivers Warranty
    5 years
  • Original Purchaser Only


  • Carton 1
    29 lbs (13.15 kg)


  • Qty Included
  • Availability
  • Base Height
    7.75″ (19.69 cm)
  • Base Width
    21.187″ (53.81 cm)
  • Base Depth
    9.375″ (23.81 cm)
  • Front Array Driver Enclosure Type
  • Front Array Driver Complement
    • (2)  5.25″ (13.34 cm) d (Round) Super Cell Aerated Polypropylene – Mid/Woofer
    • (1)  3.25″ (8.26 cm) d (Round) Super Cell Aerated Polypropylene – Midrange
    • (1)  1″ (2.54 cm) d (Round) – Tweeter


  • Type
    Orth Crossover Design
  • Midbass/Woofer Crossover Frequency
    280 Hz
  • Tweeter/Midrange Crossover Frequency
    2.5 Hz


  • Total Frequency Response
    40 Hz → 40 kHz
  • Lower and Upper -3dB Limits
    70 Hz → 30 kHz


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