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JBL starter 75-årsjubileet med nye 100 Classic 75-høyttalere og SA750 integrert forsterker

JBL feirer tre kvart århundrer, og er fortsatt synonymt med episk lyd. Og Harman International signaliserte jubileet under pressearrangementet CES 2021, med fokus på å markedsføre nye moderne tilkoblede produkter og teknologier for bil-, forbruker- og...

Arcam, verdensledende innen AV teknologi, forklarer fordelene med Dirac Live romkorreksjon

Arcam, verdensledende innen AV teknologi, forklarer fordelene med Dirac Live romkorreksjon

Tilbake til Fremtiden med JBL L100 Classic

Disse må oppleves! Kom innom oss for en demo nå

Helt Nye JBL HDI Høyttaler Serie Review av AudioAdvice

Fantastisk Ny Serie fra JBL Synthesis. Nå på lager!

Nye Revel Beryllium & JBL HDI Serien Høyttalere Avduket!

Spennende nyheter fra Revel og JBL

Expensive Audiophile Cables Really Do Sound Better! Enig?

Er dere enig? I've been running Audioholics for 20 years and I have a confession to make. Expensive audiophile cables do sound better! My recent research has uncovered that the more you spend on your cables, the better they sound. The theories exotic cable sellers...

Why do Audiophiles HATE Bose?

Bose is one of most recognized brands in the world. Ask anyone on the street who they think makes the best audio products, and you will likely hear Bose as their answer. So why is it that most audiophiles HATE Bose? This YouTube attempts to answer that question to...

5 Steps to Better Bass in Your Home Theater

If you want the best sounding bass in your home theater, than following our 5 Step calibration procedure can really help you achieve that. In this YT video, we discuss the following steps in detail and give some additional pointers in achieving bass nirvana as well:...

What is IMAX Enhanced Certification for Home Theater?

IMAX has been a staple in the movie theaters as the best in sound and video for over a decade. Now they want to bring that experience into the home theater realm but it's going to involve 3 things: IMAX Enhanced hardware, and content. OK that's 2 things. Ironically...

What are the Differences Between Class A, AB, G/H and D Amplifiers?

Do you wonder what terms like Class A, AB, G/H or Class D mean in audio amplifiers? Long story short, these aren't grading systems with which to judge amplifier quality, but are in fact descriptions of an amplifier's topology. Understandably, each class brings...

AC Power Considerations for Your Home Theater System

Correction: 120V * 20A = 2400 watts for 33% increase in power over a 15A line. Sorry about that error. We often get asked how much AC wall power is needed to run a typical home theater system. There are lots of factors that determine this such as the number of AV...

How to Get 5.1 Surround Sound from your Home Theater System

After visiting several friends homes that have integrated home theater systems, I started noticing a pattern. None of them were actually listening in discrete 5.1 surround sound. This was due to a variety of reasons including: using the wrong cables, not properly...

The Best AV Receivers of 2018

Best AV Receivers of 2018 We've listed our top picks for 2018 AV receivers based on performance and the latest in HD audio, video and streaming features. From the massive $4,000 13.2 Channel Denon AVR-X8500H to the $2,200 Yamaha RX-A3080 9.2 channel 3D immersive sound...

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