Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L

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Flagship Super Tower with Built-In Powered Subwoofer

  • The reimagined super tower with greater elegance and more exhilarating performance
  • Built-In 1200-watt subwoofers for massive bass with lower-distortion response
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure and proprietary damping technologies ensure perfect surround sound
  • Pure magnesium/aluminum dome tweeter projects extended highs with zero edginess

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Flagship Super Tower with Built-In Powered Subwoofer

  • The reimagined super tower with greater elegance and more exhilarating performance
  • Built-In 1200-watt subwoofers for massive bass with lower-distortion response
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure and proprietary damping technologies ensure perfect surround sound
  • Pure magnesium/aluminum dome tweeter projects extended highs with zero edginess

Experience the Exhilarating

Precision, accuracy and wide range response make for high impact dynamic audio. The Mythos® ST-L beautifully accommodates everything from 2 channel configurations up to 7.1 channel home theater systems.

Revolutionary Subwoofer System

Control, definition and speed perfectly describe the huge bass output of a subwoofer built around a large racetrack-shaped polymer/carbon cone and two racetrack-shaped low-bass radiators.

Advanced Bass Blending for Improved Detail

The subwoofer-to-main-speaker blend have been finely tuned to achieve the most accurate sound across the entire sonic spectrum—so everything you hear is more detailed and lifelike.

Redefined Midrange

Third-generation patented Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS™) design deliver ultra-high definition midrange for the utmost in clarity and finely textured detail.

Definitive Technology Mythos ST-L

  • Built-in 1200 Watt powered subwoofers deliver massive bass, eliminates need for separate subwoofer
  • Racetrack shaped carbon fiber active driver pressure coupled to two low bass radiators equal the surface area and bass output of a 15-inch woofer but with far greater control, definition and speed
  • Aircraft-grade extruded brushed aluminum enclosure with proprietary damping technologies and machined cast aluminum base to ensure total rigidity and stability
  • One-inch Pure Magnesium/Aluminum alloy dome tweeter for extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess.
  • CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree

Performance Benchmarks of the Mythos ST-L

Mythos ST-L represents a major redesign of this consummate Definitive Technology floor standing loudspeaker. Like the original Mythos ST, Mythos ST-L features a built-in powered subwoofer in an elegant extruded aluminum enclosure. But the ST-L is more than a refinement of the previous model. It is, in fact, a meticulous rethinking of the original high performance super tower. Drivers, tweeter, amplifier and user interface, all have been significantly reworked to offer serious audio listeners elegant appearance, greater convenience and exhilarating performance.

  • Improved mid and high frequency detail
  • Overall higher output
  • Lower harmonic and intermodulation distortion
  • Flatter frequency response on and off-axis
  • More extended, lower-distortion bass response
  • Greater soundstage width and depth
  • Easier foot/spike height adjustment
  • More convenient bass-level adjustment
  • Improved appearance

An Exhilarating Listening Experience For Music and Movies.
The precise accuracy, wide range response and high impact dynamic range of the Mythos ST-L makes it the perfect choice for systems ranging from audiophile 2-channel music-only to 7.1 channel home theater systems. No matter what genres of music or movies you enjoy, a highly accurate loudspeaker like the Mythos ST-L is your wisest choice.

An elegant brushed aluminum cabinet mounted on a milled cast aluminum base houses our most advanced components and technologies. Sonically anchoring this ground-breaking design is Definitive Technology’s SuperCube™ powered subwoofers that have been incorporated into the enclosures. With two built-in 1200 Watt powered subwoofers, you’ll enjoy double the bass while maintaining the integrity of your listening room’s décor.

High Precision Bass Performance
The built-in subwoofers are an all-new racetrack design, with four times the amplifier power. A Class HD module incorporates a 56-bit micro-processor preamp stage with DSP; this is the same module used in our SuperCube 4000 freestanding subwoofer

Revolutionary Subwoofer System
The Mythos ST-L subwoofer is built around a 6 x 10 inch racetrack-shaped polymer/carbon composite cone driver powered by a built-in 1200-Watt Class D amplifier. This active subwoofer is then pressure-coupled to two 6 x 10 inch racetrack-shaped planar low-bass radiators. The total bass radiating area is greater than a 15-inch woofer, but it affords far greater control, definition and speed than a single larger woofer. A pair of ST-Ls is like having two 15-inch, 300-Watt powered subwoofers in your room but without the clutter. This is real bass. This is bass that is deep, powerful and impactful while at the same time producing the kind of tight, controlled, accurate response of the finest audiophile speakers.

The Integrated Subwoofer Advantage
Integrated subwoofers do more than eliminate the need for a separate freestanding subwoofer. First, the Mythos ST-l’s two subwoofers simply translate into far more bass output. But more important, the subwoofers are perfectly integrated with the mid/high section. Audiophiles often spend dozens of hours moving and adjusting their subwoofers’ crossover and phasing controls in pursuit of perfect subwoofer to main speaker “blending.” With the Mythos ST-L you won’t have to go through that kind of time consuming drill to achieve audio perfection. Definitive Technology’s engineers fine-tuned and preset the crossover and phase between the subwoofer and main speaker sections to achieve seamless blending and life-like sound. All you have to do is set the bass volume to match your room and taste, then sit back and revel in the Mythos ST-L’s extraordinary performance.

Mythos ST-L Drivers Redefine Midrange Performance

In creating this next generation Mythos ST-L, our engineers drew upon fundamental research into driver design that yielded three new patent-pending speaker technologies:

Ultra-high Definition Midrange Drivers
The midrange drivers that are third generation patented Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) design and feature a larger motor, new surround geometry and a patent-pending Linear Response Waveguide (LRW) made of aluminum, which acts as a heat sink to improve power handling and lower distortion.

Each Mythos ST-L contains a D’Appolito array consisting of two high-definition 5-1/4 inch drivers surrounding a one-inch magnesium/aluminum alloy dome tweeter housed in an acoustically isolated sealed enclosure. Ultra Linear Array, in which two midrange drivers are tuned to cancel out each other’s non-linear motion, yield flatter frequency response and vastly lower audible distortion.

The drivers feature Definitive’s patent-pending Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) technology that supports the speaker cone at both the inner and outer edges for longer, more linear excursion, greater clarity and finely textured inner detail. The driver baskets are die cast aluminum for its inert, resonance absorbing capability.
New Generation Tweeter is a Revelation
Mythos XL-ST’s 1-inch tweeter is an all-new design that represents a substantial leap forward in performance. The tweeter is a pure magnesium/aluminum alloy dome, which has been heat-treated to relax the crystal structure (annealed) and then coated with a ceramic to produce extended highs that reveal nuance and shimmer without a trace of edginess.

The new tweeter design uses a rubber surround, an all-new motor structure and new throat geometry. The result is ten times lower distortion for the best inner detail and most accurate high frequency performance of any tweeter in its class.

Eleagant. Refined. Exhilarating.
The extruded Aluminum enclosure is brushed aluminum (available in Black and Graphite Silver finishes). The base is milled cast aluminum for low center-of-gravity stability and a rich elegant look. Four knurled and threaded shafts at the corners of the base allow the user to easily level and stabilize the speaker on uneven floors. Either carpet spikes or floor glides can be fitted into the leveling shafts.

Form Follows Beauty Follows Function
The Mythos ST-L’s styling emanates from a parabolic form, grounded as much in technical appropriateness as visual beauty. With emphasis on a narrow, deep column, the parabolic theme is repeated in the lines of the cap and milled aluminum base.
The sleek, curved shape of the enclosure reduces diffraction contributing to the ST-L’s remarkable imaging, which is truly startling in its ability to float utterly lifelike sonic images across a broad and deep soundstage. The aluminum base, combined with the heavy toroidal transformer mounted on the bottom plate of the enclosure, provides a low center of gravity for superior stability.

Stabilizing Your Mythos ST-L With Built-in Conveninece
Mythos ST-L feet can be stabilized using either the plastic-tipped gliders, which are already installed on the knurled thumb screws, or with floorspikes, which are included in the accessory box. The knurled knobs that protrude above the base are threaded, so you can level your speakers while they stand upright. Using the optional spikes will provide much greater stability when placing your loudspeakers on carpeting and, according to many experts, they’ll also provide an overall improvement in sonic performance because of mass loading.

A Remote Control for Greater Control
Mythos ST-L gives the listener more control to fine tune their program material. Bass volume level can be changed from the comfort of your listening position to adjust for differences in program material, room acoustics and personal taste.  LEDs on the each tower’s logo plate give visual feedback on bass level settings. In addition, each speaker’s bass level can be fine-tuned even more to account for bass volume variations due to the speaker’s position within the room. Mythos ST-L also offers “Stereo Bass” volume control to adjust both speakers simultaneously and a “Low Level” control that engages preset EQ to optimize the sound for low level listening.

The remote makes it easy to set just the right amount of bass output to compensate for program material and listening level differences.

Woofer levels can be set for each channel independently to compensate for room acoustics or placement anomalies. For example, if one speaker is placed closer to a wall or corner than the other it will probably have greater bass output due to boundary reinforcement. Realizing consistent bass output between two speakers in a stereo pair makes an enormous difference in timbre and imaging accuracy.
Once both channels have been set, overall bass levels can be changed conveniently with the Stereo Bass control.  The Low Level On switch engages a carefully chosen EQ setting to compensate for decreased bass hearing sensitivity at low volume levels.
As you change bass level, the LEDs on the front of the speaker will indicate the variation or – from 0dB in 1dB increments.

Mythos ST-L Will Amaze You
Trying to convey the sonic qualities of the Mythos ST-L in words is an impossible task, quite simply because words fall far short of capturing the listening experience. If you are a true music lover, listen to the Mythos ST-L for yourself. Discover just how lifelike a pair of speakers can sound. You’ll hear depth and nuance to your music you have never heard before. You will marvel at the dynamic impact and sheer bass power when watching movies; you wil be amazed at all the power coming from just two slim towers without a separate subwoofer. Yes, you will be astonished.

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Driver Complement

Quantity 1
Diameter 1″ (2.54cm)
Type Magnesium/Aluminum Alloy Dome
Quantity 2
Diameter 5 1/4″ (13.34cm)
Type BDSS 3rd Generation
Tweeter/Mid Array
Type Direct Radiating D’Appolito in Asymmetric Driver Array
Quantity 1
Oval Width 6″ (15.24cm)
Oval Height 10″ (25.40cm)
Type Woven Carbon-Polymer Fiber Long Throw Racetrack
Bass Radiator
Quantity 2
Oval Width 6″ (15.24cm)
Oval Height 10″ (25.40cm)
Type Racetrack Planar Low Bass Radiator


Front Panel Display Polychromatic LED Band (Blue /- White): Timed
I/O Buttons
Location Back Panel
Functions Subwoofer Gain (-10 dB, 0 dB, 10 dB); Subwoofer Level ; Subwoofer Level –
Indicator Blue LED (3): -10 dB, 0 dB, 10 dB
Remote Control
IR Control Performance Optimizer Remote (Included)
Functionality Power On; Power Off; L Mute; R Mute; L Bass /-; R Bass /-; Night Mode On; Night Mode Off; Stereo Bass /-
Digital Signal Processing
56 bit DSP Integrated (Not User Selectable)


Audio Inputs
Speaker Level 2 Pair (Bi-wire Ready)
LFE (optional) 1 (RCA)
Other Inputs
12v Trigger 3.5 mm ‘Mini’ (1)
IR Remote Extender 3.5 mm ‘Mini’ (1)
Maximum Sensitivity
1 watt @ 1 Meter 93 dB
Total Frequency Response
Overall 14 Hz – 30 kHz
Nominal Impedance
Compatible with 8 ohm
A/V Receiver Crossover Setting Large; Full Bandwidth
Power Handling 20 – 350 watts per channel


Internal Amplifier
Power 1200 watts
Channels 1
Type Class HD
Protection Circuitry
Primary Multiband Dynamic Range Optimizer (M-DRO)
Secondary Thermal Overload Sensor
Power Cycle
US Switched and Auto On/Off: Signal Sensitive
International Switched and Auto On/Off: Signal Sensitive
Power Requirements
US 110 volts A/C
International 220 volts A/C
US 6.3 amp 250 volt Slo Blo
International 3.15 amp 250 volt Slo Blo


Leveling Mechanism Built in Variable Height Stanchions featuring EagleEye Adjustment System


Available Finish
Standard Edition Black
Special Edition Graphite
Cabinet Dimensions
Height with Base 51 1/2″ (130.81cm)
Width with Base 12.75
Depth with Base 14 1/5″ (36.07cm)
Base Type Aircraft Grade Aluminum with Built in Variable Height Stanchions featuring EagleEye Adjustment System
Cabinet Type
Speaker Enclosure Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminum


Included Accessories Performance Optimizer Remote; Plastic Foot Tips (5); Isolation Spikes (5)
Carton Size
Height 57″ (144.78cm)
Width 15″ (38.10cm)
Depth 19″ (48.26cm)
Shipping Weight
One per Carton 75 lbs


Electronic Components
Parts and Labor 3 years
Drivers and Cabinet
Parts and Labor 5 years


Mythos ST-L English manual



“…subwoofers are perfectly integrated with the towers’ mid/high section, making it unnecessary for consumers to spend, in some cases, many hours adjusting their subwoofers’ crossover and phasing controls to deliver perfect subwoofer blending with their main speakers. Instead, Definitive Technology’s engineers do the fine-tuning, presetting the crossover and phase between the subwoofer and main drivers to achieve seamless blending and life-like sound.”

TWICE Staff – TWICE (Aug 08, 2014) Read More

Sound & Vision

“The Mythos ST-L isn’t just another pretty powered tower—it’s a magical, emotive speaker, one that’s able to bypass the rational, thinking part of your brain and unleash deep and powerfully moving emotions trapped within.”

Darryl Wilkinson – Sound & Vision (Jul 31, 2014) Read More

Sound Stage

“Based on its sound alone, the Mythos ST-L is a surefire recommendation. Add its gorgeous styling, and the fact that its built-in subwoofer allows it to fill a room with sound when driven by an amplifier of only modest power, and it’s the complete package.”

Roger Kanno – Sound Stage (May 01, 2014) Read More

Home Theater Forum

“…the performance, looks and overall package of the Mythos ST-L make it an easy candidate for one of the best products I’ve reviewed in the past two years. I enjoyed my time with the ST-L’s so much, I have actually decided to keep my review pair as my new 2-channel system in the living room.”

“The Mythos ST-L is a transparent, beautiful speaker that provided me more “Holy $&!#” moments than anything I’ve reviewed in a long time. It is a fantastic two channel performer in addition to being one hell of a home theater speaker. Highly Recommended.”

Dave Upton – Home Theater Forum (Dec 26, 2014) Read More

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